Pre-primary Preschool Program

For ages from 2 years to 3 ½ years

Boston Overseas Pre-primary Preschool Program provides the building blocks for the skills needed for primary years, kindergarten, and beyond. In age-appropriate classrooms, children are introduced to the five Montessori learning areas with hands-on, tactile learning experiences while they are trained to be independent, graceful, and courteous. As each child advances at his/her own pace through our personalized approach, some baseline learning activities children engage include:

Practical life: introduction to and practice with basic movements such as carrying, pouring, scooping, folding, and wiping along with social development through etiquette training.

Sensorial: exposure to hands-on manipulative materials to engage all five senses. Through these activities, children begin to distinguish between items based on features such as size and color.

Science: introduction to the concept of earth, air, and water, along with discussions on care for animals and their environment.

Mathematics: introduction of shapes and spatial relationships, pre-counting and counting activities, and the introduction of sandpaper numbers.

Language arts: introduction to the sounds of letters; developing literacy skills using the sand box and sandpaper letters; consistent naming of objects, people, and places; and keeping children engaged using songs, poems, and stories.

What’s unique about Boston Overseas Montessori?

Child development using the authentic Montessori method

hildren are provided with high-quality coursework materials and nutrition without harmful substances

Development of skills according to American values and standards

Would you to discuss further?

We’d be delighted to speak with you on specific ways we can help you in the enhancing the development of your child.